Police Line, Sirsa, Haryana - 125055, Affiliation No. 531798, School Code 41777

  • Education is not synonymous with academics. In order to develop the all-round personality of every child, the school attaches a lot of importance to the extracurricular activities. It is mandatory for all the students to participate in the activities at all possible levels. Parents are requested to encourage their ward in this regard.

  • Attendance and uniform are the two areas where the school is very strict. Latecomers and uniform defaulters will be sent back home.

  • Parents must pay the school fees in time to avoid any inconvenience. Students with fees in arrears will not be allowed to appear in examination.

  • Attendance of the parents at PTM is mandatory. Parents who fail to attend PTM will be doing so at the risk of their wards performance and therefore promotion prospects.

  • In PTM, parents are requested to bring the school diary of their ward to discuss about their progress in academics and co-curricular activities. 

  • Constructive suggestions from the parents are always welcome.


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DAV Police Public School, Sirsa
Police Line, Sirsa,
Haryana - 125055, 
Affiliation No. 531798, School Code 41777
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