Police Line, Sirsa, Haryana - 125055, Affiliation No. 531798, School Code 41777

Student’s Council  

Dear Parents,

“The goal of education is not only to increase the  amount of  knowledge
but also to create the possibilities for a child to invent and discover. “

Modern education is continuously evolving. It’s like a rainbow which sheds different coloures at separate times. As the source of all colures is sun, same way source of education is the school but outcome varies. Concepts of 20 years back are obsolete today and whatever is going on today may have no meaning 20years later. It is said that human race has excelled due to its intelligence and ability to learn and develop new ideas for survival. 21st century is also the century of conflicts and major global challenges. Today’s education should be able to solve these problems and take right decisions at the right time.

In the race of quality, there is no finishing  line, perfection is known to be a shifting goal - post ------just when you think you  have reached, you realize that there is so much more to achieve.

The main objective of DAV Police Public School is all round development of children in Scholastic and Co-Scholastic areas.  Having a target to prepare emotionally balanced human beings for the global citizen who have the life skills to face the real life challenges with a blend of intellect and wisdom.  We assure you that we will try to raise happy, confident and self reliant children  by nurturing them with strong moral and cultural values.  

IPS, ADP,Hisar Range, Hisar

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DAV Police Public School, Sirsa
Police Line, Sirsa,
Haryana - 125055, 
Affiliation No. 531798, School Code 41777
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